Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our first.....

I called Dr. Carrasco's office (this is the ob/gyn that will be caring for me during the pregnancy) yesterday to let them know that I have been having severe cramps and a lot of pain in my stomach. Dr Carrasco wants us to go ahead and come in and have a sonogram in the morning. Even though I am not bleeding, he just wants to make sure everything is ok.
Scot & I get to the dr's office for the sonogram this morning. Both of us is scared and excited.
The sonogram went perfect! The sono tech was looking and said, there is the baby. Are you kidding me? All we saw was a dot. But, this dot started flashing and the tech said that is the heart beating. Tears just started coming to our eyes. Yes, this is real. There is our little miracle. The assured us that everything looked good and the baby was in the right place! :) I can not even describe the excitement, joy, and happiness that we were and are feeling...
This was our first scare, our first sonogram, but this day was also our first realization of us having Baby Castleberry. Nothing but pure amazing!
Thank you Lord!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One more....

OK, OK, OK..... I know. I have taken 3 already. Why another? Well, because I keep hearing and reading that its best to take a test when your menstrual cycle is at least a week late. Today I am officially a week late.... And the drum rolls.... #4 pregnancy test- positive! This is it, this is what has me convinced. Even though I am still shocked, I now know that we are having a baby.
Scot, on the other hand- is still dazed and confused. He is excited but just not so sure if he really believes all the pregnancy test. :) I just think it so cute and funny that Scot is stunned. I love it.