Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daddy's birthday

Today is Daddy's (Scot's) 33rd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddy/Scot !!!!
Baby C got her daddy a gift (its actually for her but it has to do with her daddy that she already loves so much!)
Hope he enjoys, cause baby c can not wait to wear her new clothes and bib...

(Today is also 21 weeks, 19 to go!!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Half Way!

Today is 20 weeks! 20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go! Seems so far yet so close.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby C moving/kicking...

After getting off work today, I was relaxing on the couch when all the sudden I feel Baby C moving and or kicking like crazy. She was VERY active for a solid 5 minutes. What a touching experience, as it brought tears, of excitement and amazement, to my eyes!
Now I know for sure that I have been feeling Baby C for several days (seldom and randomly)
I am just so excited and look forward to what's coming ahead in this pregnancy. I can NOT wait until Scot will be able to feel his little baby girl moving and kicking all around. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We went to Dallas for the NASCAR race. Baby C's "1st" race, but defiantly NOT her last! During the race, about 3-4 times I feel, what I think is her kicking/moving around. So AWESOME! What a neat and amazing feeling. Hopefully she was having fun listening to all the loud cars zoom by...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sonogram#5 & Dr's Appt

Today was my scheduled dr's appt and 18 week, 5 day sonogram. Today was suppose to be the day that we found out the sex of our baby but since we had a sono last week, we got to find out a little early. :) This sonogram, the technician checked EVERYthing. All the organs, ie: heart and all the 4 chambers, liver, kidneys. She also checked all the limbs on baby c and the growth to make sure the due date is still accurate. All the organs and limbs looked GREAT!! Couldnt be happier.
The technician said that the due date is exactly right on, due date is still April 1, 2010. Baby C is weighing in at 11 oz today! She is growing, growing, growing... As well as I. :) I have gained 8 lbs so far. Dr. Carrasco said baby c looks good and the sono was great, so he will see me back in 4 weeks.
** My very favorite sono picture so far is pic #5 (of the legs, feet, and ankle) The picture is just so perfect: you can see all the toes, the feet, the ankle, and the legs so perfectly. LOVE IT. The 2nd picture is so neat also as you can see all of her fingers on her hand. You can also tell by all the previous and current sono pictures, she loves putting her arm and hand by her face! :) So sweet.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its a G-I-R-L

Today we went to Lubbock for the Texas Tech (vs. Kansas) football game. Texas Tech won 42-21. It was a great game!
After we got back into town, we went over to my parents (Nana & Pop) house. My sister, Rebecca, and all of her family meet us over there as well. (Since my other sister, Christi, lives so far away and not able to join us .... I filled her in on the news the day that we received the sonogram. Wish she could be here but since she can't, I give her as many perks as I can!!)
We gave everyone a sack with some goodies, ie: "It's a girl" note card, pink mints, pink baby bracelet, and pink baby pins. Everyone opened them at the same time ... we were all excited and thrilled and that we are having a little baby girl. :) Great day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Unexpected Sono #4

This morning I called the dr's office because I have been cramping and hurting for 3 days.....they said to go home from work - put my feet up, drink lots of water, and to come in for a sono in the afternoon; just to make sure everything is ok.
Of course I came home, rested, and when it was time- me & Scot went to go get the sono performed.
The sono tech said that everything looks GREAT and normal! YEAH! What a relief. Once she saw that everything was looking good, she asked if we wanted to find out what gender we were having. And with NO hesitation, we of course said- YES!
She preformed my first external sonogram. As we were looking at Baby C moving around, the technician said, you are having a .......... GIRL! Wow, we are so excited and thrilled. This was such an exciting moment. The exam turned out to be a wonderful visit: everything is normal and we are having a baby girl. :) The first picture is showing us that it is a g-i-r-l! The second picture is a 4D pic of her face with her sweet little arm and hand in front of her face....
We decided not to tell the family until both me and Scot could be there at the same time. So, we have set up a family meeting for Saturday, 10-31-09 to tell everyone. Can't wait!!