Monday, October 26, 2009

Unexpected Sono #4

This morning I called the dr's office because I have been cramping and hurting for 3 days.....they said to go home from work - put my feet up, drink lots of water, and to come in for a sono in the afternoon; just to make sure everything is ok.
Of course I came home, rested, and when it was time- me & Scot went to go get the sono performed.
The sono tech said that everything looks GREAT and normal! YEAH! What a relief. Once she saw that everything was looking good, she asked if we wanted to find out what gender we were having. And with NO hesitation, we of course said- YES!
She preformed my first external sonogram. As we were looking at Baby C moving around, the technician said, you are having a .......... GIRL! Wow, we are so excited and thrilled. This was such an exciting moment. The exam turned out to be a wonderful visit: everything is normal and we are having a baby girl. :) The first picture is showing us that it is a g-i-r-l! The second picture is a 4D pic of her face with her sweet little arm and hand in front of her face....
We decided not to tell the family until both me and Scot could be there at the same time. So, we have set up a family meeting for Saturday, 10-31-09 to tell everyone. Can't wait!!

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