Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a miracle!

Today is Wednesday, July 29, 2009; a life changing day.

I was a few days late on my menstrual cycle. A friend of mine at work had some extra pregnancy test at home that she had brought up to work for me. I was under a lot of stress at work and had a lot going on. So, I thought the stress and me constantly thinking and wondering if I was pregnant all the time was the reason why I was late. Well, I went home at lunch as normal. Scot was still asleep in bed, therefore I went ahead decided to take one of the test. Scot had NO idea I was even thinking about taking a test! I just figured that it would come out negative and that would be one less stress. Well........... I took the test and not even a few seconds went by and the test said PREGNANT. What?!? Your kidding. I felt this numb feeling come over me. I was in total shock. I kept thinking, how in the world can I tell Scot? I wanted to do it in a fun way but oh my gosh, I had to tell him right now! I went and woke him up and told him he that he had to get up, I had something to show him. After he woke and got up, I showed him the pregnancy test, that had the words "PREGNANT". He held and stared and this test for a few minutes. Never took his eyes off. He was in a daze. He finally looked over at me and said, "Does this mean we are pregnant?" :) We were so happy and so in shock. Never did we think this day would ever be here.
Miracles do happen!! Such a glorious day!
Since I was in such shock and disbelief, I decided to take another test when I got off work. And yes, this test too was positive. Amazing! :)

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